A303 Cartgate roundabout resurfacing

The Highways England will shortly be carrying out roadworks near the Cartgate Lodge. A map detailing the location of this work can be found at the end of this page. Due to roadworks, the Cartgate Cafe will be open at 6.30am and closed 7.30pm on 11th and

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Wall Art in Natural Wood

New feature wall at Cartgate. Wall Art in Natural Wood with our recyling theme Created by the owner Chris from fallen timber from his own woodland. Created by “the boss”. Some of our wonderful regular customers meet every Monday evening with an array of two and three

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Cartgate Lodge Café raises £11,500 for the RSPB

Since November 2012 the Cartgate Lodge Café, which is situated just off the A.303 near Stoke-sub-Hamdon has raised £11,500 through donations received from customers who have purchased the RSPB’s very popular wildlife pin badges. The money raised will be used to support vital conservation work on the

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Cartgate Recruitment

Cartgate Recruitment

We have two recruitment positions at the Cartgate Lodge. Experienced Cook Location: Yeovil Cartcart Lodge Role Description Part time experienced Cook to work with small team, can be fast paced. Good humour required and own transport needed. Hours and pay to be negotiated. Call Jill on 07725

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Latest News

The Cartgate staff has a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too! Here is a picture of our Cartgate Christmas Tree.

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Cartgate Staff in the spirit of Halloween 2018

Each year the Cartgate staff love to embrase the spirit of Halloween. This year was no exception as we served our haloween Pumpkin soup to our customers and they throughly enjoyed. The staff also embrased the spirit of halloween    

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Cartgate scrap art sculptures

Here at Cartgate we like to showcase some of the superb local talent! Beautiful detailed drawings by Stephanie Reeves. Stag by George Hider from Merriot nr Crewcerne. Other scrap art by Nick Fraser of A Load of Old Scrap, Woolavington. Link www.aloadofoldscrap.co.uk

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Cartgate Ice Cream for Dogs

The Cartgate lodge have a new range of ice creams suitable for your dogs to enjoy during the hot weather. These complementary feeds for dogs include Glucosamine Vitamin C Omega 3 Reduced fat, sugar and lactose content  

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Cartgate Welcome Initiation

Welcome initiation for our new Kitchen Manager Emma as we undertake another epic kitchen deep clean!  

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Mother’s Day Special – 3 Course Meal

Mother’s Day Special – 3 Course Menu Starter Starters-  Soup of the day or Creamy Garlic Mushroom with Garnish and Bruschetta Main Main- Choice of Roast Beef or Roast Pork, Seasonal Veg, Roast Potato’s, Stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy OR Nut roast, Seasonal Veg, Roast Potato’s, Stuffing,

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